The Burford Tour

On The Burford Tour we aim to show you  how this beautiful medieval town  has developed over the last two thousand years and how much of that historic past still remains. We will take you through the heart of this iconic Cotswold town and show you ancient buildings, fascinating details of the past, stories of famous people and actual artefacts you can hold and inspect.

Our tours approximately one hour, enough time to appreciate the important details without being overwhelmed by a mass of dates and facts. Similarly, our tour is not a sprint and though our journey is not suitable for the mobility impaired, it is downhill and on tarmac or loose gravel roads and pathways.

For those who prefer smaller, more personal groupings, you will be glad to know that for reasons of safety and information we limit our tours to a maximum of 15 guests. For larger parties we suggest one (or more) groups can avail themselves of the hospitality of the town whilst another party are given their Tour.

Your guide is a former resident of the district who has undertaken additional research in order to 'fill out the gaps' of currently-published knowledge. Much additional information has come to light only recently and allows your Guide to provide yet more fascinating anecdotes of this historic town.

We strongly recommend that you start your visit to Burford with one of our tours. This will enable you to fully appreciate both the scope and the detail of the town before you enjoy the excellent shops, tea rooms and pubs that Burford has to offer. Then you will understand why the town was voted one of the Ten Best Places to Live in Europe.