The Burford Tour

Burford is probably the most historic of all the Cotswold towns.  It is also one of the least understood, for Burford has had several cycles of boom and bust in the last thousand years alone.  Today it is currently enjoying deserved success as an historic town ideal for touring the outstanding local area. Our aim is to show you this unique history through the eyes of the people who made this ancient town, and the lives that they led. 

On The Burford Tour you can walk in the footsteps of kings and courtiers, generals and rebels, notorious highwaymen and greedy lords.  You will see the town from various directions, hear stories and anecdotes from centuries past and handle genuine artefacts from the local district.

Your Tour begins at the historic Tolsey (see above, left) on the High Street and winds downhill to the river taking in 2,000 years of Burford's past on the 45 minute journey.  You will discover how nine trades gave the town centuries of prosperity - and the misfortunes that stripped away each of them to create the poverty that ensured this amazing town remained fossilised in time right up to the modern era. You will visit locations of triumph and tragedy, close by the bustle of a busy shopping street, see details left unchanged by the passage of centuries.

Burford is probably one of the Cotswold's best kept secrets. On The Burford Tour, in one of our small guided parties, we will personally unlock those secrets just for you.

Burford Church from across the flooded meadows.  Just one of many beautiful views in this historic town.